BCGolfPages Towels Are Back! Reg $24.95 Yours for Just $19.95 Including Tax & Delivery

Your cost is just $19.95 and we will ship it to any address in Canada...Free of charge!

The BCGolfPages towel is quite literally self-cleaning. It uses MicroPlush material that traps dirt between the fibers, but does not absorb that dirt into the fibers. When your towel dries, simply rub or shake the towel and the dried mud and grass falls right off.

The towel is designed to hang on your belt loop or golf bag and the upside down mesh pocket is used to clean the grooves on your golf club.

I have been using one of these towels for over a year now and the towel does stay very clean. I am thoroughly impressed with these towels and I think this is a super product.

The retail price for these towels is $24.95 plus tax and delivery but you can order it here for just $19.95 all in, including delivery right to your door via Canada Post.