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The Vancouver MSOP Regional Final is in the Books...We Are Off to Vegas!

2019 Las Vegas Golf Trip...Come Join Us!

BCGolfPages and The Vancouver MSOP Tour are heading to Vegas Oct- 13-21 to compete for 250K in the MSOP Championships and play some incedible golf courses, see the strip, catch a few shows and maybe even win big at the casinos! Learn More

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Weekly Pitch & Putt Games

Did you know that whether you shoot 72, 92 or 122; 65% of your shots will come from 100 yards or less? Pitch and Putt is essential to becoming a better player and taking your game to the next level. Come join us for these fun-filled events!

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Kensington and Central Park Pitch and Putt

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Take 5 Strokes Off Your Game...Forever! Laser Putt Training Aid

Laser Putt is a small device that attaches to the shaft of just about any putter and it projects a laser across your putter head. What makes Laser Putt so effective is the instant visual feedback; you can see what the putter head is doing during the stroke. Once you can see the errors in your putting stroke, you will quickly correct your stroke and dramatically increase your accuracy and distance control. Over 100 tour players are now using Laser Putt. " Laser putt is the best putting aid I have ever used PERIOD" "Buy one and start putting like me" Brandt Snedeker

Regular $169.00 Now $154.00

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Laser Putt Training Aid Never Wash Golf Towel. The Best Towel in Golf.

The BCGolfPages towel is quite literally self-cleaning. It uses MicroPlush material that traps dirt between the fibers, but does not absorb that dirt into the fibers. When your towel dries, simply rub or shake the towel and the dried mud and grass falls right off. The towel is designed to hang on your belt loop or golf bag and the upside down mesh pocket is used to clean the grooves on your golf club.

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BCGolfPages Golf Towel

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Improve your game. View our latest professional golf tips.

Golf tip videos for every aspect of your game. The best tips from local pros right here in Vancouver. Check these out!

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