This Simple Driver Swing Tip Added 60 Yards - BC Golf Pages

This super simple golf tip helped Danny Maude's recent student gain over 60 yards of total distance. Nick, who you get to see on the video came to Danny struggling with consistency and a lack of distance on both His driver and his irons. Danny noticed straight away the problem. His golf swing was very stiff and wooden caused by way too many swing thoughts. Stage 1 involved simplifying the whole process so that Nick was much more relaxed over the ball. What Nick wasn't prepared for was what came next... With the aid of TrackMan Nick saw immediately longer drives. What surprised him the most though was that they were really straight. Nick described his new golf swing as effortless and so much more enjoyable to play golf with. In this weeks golf instruction video learn how to hit your driver straight, stop slicing your driver and do it in a way that will give you an easy effortless golf swing

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