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Hi, I'm Dave Crosby director of instruction at Eaglequest Golf in Coquitlam. Today I want to talk about alignment. When we think about alignment, we need to have a ball and we need to have a target. An imaginary line behind that ball and our target is considered our target line. This club represents our target line. That's only half of our alignment. The other half of the alignment is the body position. Once we have a target line here, we want to make sure that we're setting up with our feet on a parallel line. What most people don't realize is that if it is a parallel line here, it's going to be a parallel line at the target. If this is our intended target right here, our feet will actually be lined up to the left of that target. Most people have a tendency to line their feet, hips and shoulders up at their target. By aligning yourself up at your target, you end up with your alignment actually going to the right. If your alignment is going to the right, you will over close the club face and not get a straight shot. So to hit good shots and hit them straighter, always line yourself up with parallel lines. If this is our ball and our target, we have an imaginary line, this is our target line. When you get set up, make sure your feet are on a parallel line. You'll feel that your shoulders, hips and knees are aimed at equal distance to the left of your target. Now when it comes to putting, we've all seen it on TV, when they talk about how to mark your Titleist. When it comes to putting, alignment is even more important than your golf shots because your target is smaller. You'll notice a lot of players on TV will mark their golf balls in different ways. The one thing they will do consistently is they will mark their Titleist with a solid line. That solid line will become your target line. When you set up to hit a putt from behind a ball and you are placing your ball on the green, you'll line this solid line up to the ball, to the target that you want this ball to roll on. Then when you set up, that visually will become your target line and you get your feet set up on a parallel line. So if you're a fan of the Titleist golf ball and how to mark it, always mark it so you have a target line. That's a good tip for anyone that wants to improve their putting as well.

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