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Hi, I'm Dave Crosby Director of Instruction at Eaglequest Coquitlam. Today I want to give you a tip on how to hit the driver straighter. Everyone wants to hit the driver a lot further and a lot straighter, and with a good club face angle, you will accomplish both. One of the things these golf mats are really good for when you are practicing is it has an alignment line right here where the ball will be set up on the tee. This alignment line here is where we are going to set up our ball position. Once we have set up our ball position, and the golf club is set up, a lot of people will try to push the face of the club straight through the ball. As you push the club straight through the ball, you can see it doesn't follow the path of the white alignment line. It also creates a bit of sidespin and that will cause a bit of a fade and push the ball more to the right. The most important thing you want to do when you're hitting the driver to hit the ball straight, is follow the proper path, which is a bit of an arch, coming through the ball. If we can get the driver to go through the golf ball and the face of the club to curve over following that arch, we will get a spin on the ball that will help the ball go straight. If you watch the pros on TV like I do, you always see the face of the club rotating over as it comes through. The biggest mistake people make, trying to hold that club straight, not only is the club face going to be a little bit open on impact, it's going to put a side spin on the ball that causes it to fade a bit to the right.

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