Bump and Run Shot - BC Golf Pages

Jimmy Kung CPGA golf instructor from Burnaby Mountain Golf Course. Today I will teach you a shot called the bump and run. A lot of times I see amateurs miss a green and they grab their sand wedge and try to flop the ball onto the putting service. Today, instead of grabbing a sand wedge, I have my 9 iron here. I'm going to change a few setups and I am going to hit a very effective yet easy shot here. First thing is first. When you set up at the golf ball we want to bring our right foot in, so we have the ball position placed in front of our right foot, or for a lefty, your left foot. Second, we want to be leaning forward to the front of our stance and we want the butt end of the club to be facing forward as well. Once we have everything setup, it is very important to have the instead of having the whole club sitting on the ground, we want to tilt the heel up and push the toe down. What this does is it has less surface area for the club to make contact with the ground, therefore has less chance for you to chunk the golf ball. Let me demonstrate. I have the ball at the back of my stance, my weight is forward, my shaft is forward and my toe is down. From here, I think about swinging this 9 iron like a pendulum just like a putting stroke. I'm going to get this ball nice and close to the hole.

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