3 Different Trajectory Chip Shots - BC Golf Pages

Today I'm going to show you a tip on how to hit three different trajectory chip shots using the same club, simply by changing your setup position. The first I'm going to show you is a low chip and run shot. This shot should be used the most because it is the easiest to hit, and if you do happen to miss hit it, it has the least amount of drastic consequenses. So to set up for this shot, keep your lower body shifted about 60-70% on your lead leg. You want to hold lower on the club and keep your hands ahead and the ball position is going to be at the back of your stance. This will be a good chip and run position. The next shot I will show you is a medium trajectory shot. Placing the ball more in the middle of your stance and your hands more in a neutral position. Not so far ahead. The final one I will show you is a high lofted chip shot. All we are going to do here is change your ball position more forward of your stance. Watch how I'm opening the club face and my hands are more in line with the club head. All three of these shots are fairly easy to hit if you know how to set up right for them.

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