A Balanced Finish - BC Golf Pages

Hi, my name is Kevin Gray I'm head golf professional at Golden Eagle Golf Club in Pitt Meadows BC. I'm here today to talk about a balanced finish position. From here (starting position) to here (top of swing) is good but we want to focus more on after we make contact with the golf ball. We want to get everything through the golf ball. We're going to generate a lot of weight transfer this way; a lot of power this way, but where does that power go? The power has to go down, through the golf ball, and all the way through to the balanced position. By getting your belt buckle through to the target, you're getting your weight transfer, you're getting your right toe up, you're getting your heel pointing towards the sky, to transfer all the momentum you've gained from turning your shoulders the other way. You need to do this to generate some balance, to generate some tempo. We are going to demonstrate. All the way through. Belt buckle to the target. Shoulders turned. Balanced. Heel to the sky. Everything is good.

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