Hitting a Golf Shot Below Your Feet - BC Golf Pages

Hi, I'm Dave Corke Golf Operations Manager here at the Falls Golf Club in Chilliwack. Today we are going to talk about hitting a golf shot when the ball is below your feet. The one thing here at The Falls is there is always a shot when the ball is below or above your feet. We are at the 150 yard marker and we have an uphill line up to an elevated green so we are going to be hitting a shot of about 160 yards. As you can see, the ball is below my feet. I'm going to stand behind the ball and I'm going to be looking at the edge of the green because when the ball is below your feet, the ball will slice. The other thing I see amateur golfers do when the ball is below their feet is that they are very off balance and their head moves a lot. I'm looking at the side of the green and I'm going to extend the club as far as I can. We want to use as much club as we can. We need to keep our balance and keep our shoulders still and most importantly our head still. Hit a nice gentle shot and as you can see with a gentle fade to the right. Head still, body still, make the club as long as possible, aim to the left because the ball will slice to the right.

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