Flop Shot - BC Golf Pages

Good afternoon folks, this is Jimmy Kung Teaching Professional at Burnaby Mountain Golf Course. Today I'm introducing the flop shot. Often we short side ourselves beside the green or we have an obsticle in this case, where we have a big bunker in between our golf ball and the flag. What we want to do is grab our 6 degree wedge, something with a little lower balance, and we will slide this club under the ball, to get the ball nice and high in the air and land it soft. Here's a few set up techniques. When we address the golf ball we want to make sure our stance is wide open, pointing 45 degrees left of the target. Second, we want to make sure our club face is square to our target. As we address the golf ball, our swing path is going to be straight back and straight through towards the target. The swing path will be along the path of our stance. In this case, I will take my club outside and cut across inside. That will cut through the ball and shoot the ball straight up in the air and land it nice and soft.

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