Club Selection Around The Green - BC Golf Pages

Hi, my name is Jodi Reimer, Teaching Professional at Riverway Golf Course. Today I am going to give you a couple tips about chipping around the green. Most students come to my who want a chipping lesson, one of the first question I ask them is what club selection you make around the green. Most often than not, the answer is a pitching wedge or a sand wedge. I just want to give you a few more options around the green. What we want to look at is our carry to roll ratio. If I'm going to have four feet carry and four feet roll, I'm going to need my pitching wedge in order to carry my ball onto the green and allow a little bit of roll up to the hole. In this situation we have a secondary chip that only requires a little bit of carry and a lot more roll. Your chance of keeping the ball on a nice straight path to the hole, keeping the precision tight, a smaller arch, when you grab a 6 iron, that's going to allow you to get a nice small arch and get the ball rolling right to the hole. Here we have a scenario where we have a pitching wedge here. We just want enough carry to get that ball rolling. Obviously I'm not taking a huge stroke at the hole. The second scenario, I have a longer distance of roll and same amount of carry. I have my 6 iron here. What my 6 iron will allow me to do is to take a nice short arch - relative to what I would have to do with a pitching wedge. It's going help me keep my ball on line rolling up to the hole.

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