How to Boom It Like Fred Couples - BC Golf Pages

If I can tell you a couple of key points, is, for me, I make sure that I make a full shoulder turn. I think every good player, every good amateur wants to do that. And once I get the shoulder turn back, I don't think about the change in direction, it just happens. But once I start coming, my hips will come this way, but my club does not follow my hips. Therefore, getting no power. So what I try and do is get the club up here, I clear my hips but I release the club going down the line. But when I say release, I don't hold on this way, otherwise you're gonna hit it a mile to the right. So if you can learn to clear your hips a little bit, and let the club go down the line and release it towards the ball. Not back here, where you're doing this. So, there's a point where I think about, once I make contact, then I feel like I'm releasing the club. So it'll be, what I call, past the ball. So, once again for me, I get the club back, and once I come down here, I'm clearing. And my point of release is actually at the ball, not back here. You're holding your angle. Once I get here, I go at it with pretty much, it doesn't look like it, but I go at it with everything I have

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